Plachkovtsi House

Plachkovtsy is located at the foot of The Balkan Mountain Range, in the magnificent Tryavna area. The village is located 150 meters above sea level. The nearest towns are Tryavna and Gabrovo, Tryavna is only 7 km away. Good infrastructure guarantees easy movement between the towns. The woods and heights around Plachkovtsi provide you with nice walking routes in the wild nature.

As one of the legends goes the settlement originated during the fall of Bulgaria under the Ottoman rule. When the capital was conquered, the leader of the defense Patriarch Evtimiy of Tarnovo was exiled. People, willing to send him off, followed him as they loved him very much. When they reached the area, where Plachkovtsy is located today, the Turks did not allow the people to continue. They settled down there and the place received the name Plachkovtsi, because of the tears they shed (in Bulgarian “cry” is “placha”).

The population developed crafts as stock-breeding, field farming, homespun tailoring, making of carts and many other crafts. The settlement itself was officially announced a town in 1969.

The poet Ivan Vazov spent the last year of his life in Plachkovtsi, describing his admiration of the beautiful nature in his letters.

The active Balkan population supported and assisted the passing of the Russian army. It is worth mentioning that in the surrounding areas Tsar Ivan Asen I defeated the army of Isak Angel II in the Tryavna Pass Battle.

Lovely surroundings, temperate mountain climate, fresh air and a great number of springs and rivers attract a lot of tourists. There is an open-air Olympic -size swimming pool within the town. The small Stoevska, Radevska and Neikovska Rivers gather in Plachkovtsi and follow down as the Dryanovska River. The railway line Russe-Podkova with a railway stop in Plachkovtsy is an easy starting point for a walk in the Tryavna mountain area, which goes into ‘’Bulgarka” Natural Park.

Some of the neighboring peaks are named Bulgarka, Bedetsite (1 488 meters above sea level), Mahchenitsa (1042 m), etc. There are two protected areas – ‘’Myhchenitsa Yovovtsy’’, above Yovovtsy village and “Vikanzta Skala” near “Bulgarka” Peak, above the village of Stoevtsy.

We offer self-contained house in Plachkovtsy in the central part of the town suitable for two persons. It consists of bedroom, equipped kitchen, bathroom and WC, garden and BBQ area. The house views the wonderful Tryavna Mountains.

Price for one person per night: 12.00 BGN

Address: Plachkovtsy, 16 ‘’Stara Planina’’ Str.

Bank data for deposit in case of booking: DSK Bank, Rosen Boyanov Bonev, IBAN BG78STSA93000018573701

For contacts and bookings: +359 886 723 342 e-mail: – Rosen Bonev / +359 885 133 556 – Rumyana Boneva